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Im Sinne der Zeit LP/CD

After the one-two punch release of a head-turning limited 10-inch EP in 2013, followed by an equally mezmerizing 7-inch (the “Traumhaft” single, reissued by TiM in Feb of ‘14), Swiss duo Klaus Johann Grobe finally unveil their full-length offering, “Im Sinne der Zeit”. In their short existence, members Sevi Landolt (organ/synths/vocals) and Daniel Bachmann (drums/vocals) have concocted a unique sound that pulls equally from motorik krautrock, skittering post-punk, organic Brazilian grooves and glittering dancefloor strut that practically begs to MOVE you.

With the ability to conjure up the ghosts of Neu!, Bob James, Marcos Valle, Shuggie Otis & Stereolab in the span of a single tune. It’s an album that begs to be flipped over and over and over. “Im Sinne der Zeit” is a glorious creation, the kind of album that sounds and feels like it’s floating off the grooves, alternately swaying between the fluid, jazzy, & (yes) funky rhythms & cool, deliberate mechanized grooves that squeal & squiggle with the pulse of an electronic heart. Doubly strange is that although the duo sing exclusively in German, their tunes never seem anything less than warm & inviting, enveloping the listener in their welcoming embrace & come-hither wink of the dancefloor. From the opening throb of “Between the Buttons”, to the robotic two-step of “Koffer”, the duo never lessens the intensity. While they may cool it down a bit, the grooves stay warm to the touch, culminating in the albums’s final two tracks; the dizzyingly infectious & celebratory party-closer “Regan Raus” & the final tune, “Vergangenes” which eases the listener into that after-hours cab-ride home.

“Im Sinne der Zeit” comes pressed on 150gm vinyl, & is housed in a printed inner sleeve, with lyrics and includes a download code.

RIYL: Stereolab, Marcos Valle, Neu, ESG, Blank Realm, Moon Duo, Human League

1. Between The Buttons
2. KOthek
3. Wir Zwei
4. Les Grecks
5. Koffer
6. Schlaufen der Zukunft
7. Aufstand
8. Regen Raus
9. Vergangenes
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Between the Buttons
Out April 29th!
31Ø8 LP/CD

We get a lot of anonymous submissions in the TiM inbox, and late last summer we received one name-checking La Dusseldorf, Mayo Thompson, and John Hughes soundtracks. It piqued our interest and when you take a listen you’ll understand why. Hailing from London, England, 31Ø8 (aka Tyler Zypreksa) has been crafting shiny pop gems all by his lonesome, building up an impressive backlog of tunes that hit all the sweet spots from O.M.D. to La Dusseldorf, to Trio & the pining ennui of the teenage angst-anthems littering your ‘Pretty In Pink’ & ‘Breakfast Club’ soundtracks.

Although 31Ø8’s influences may lie in the discarded neon bones of the Eighties & Nineties there’s an infectious spark of melodic tune-smithing permeating the album’s ten tunes. Zypreska clearly knows his way around a pop hook & each one sinks it’s talons in a lil’ deeper with each listen. The candy-coated earworms of songs like “Go To Hell” or “Neon Crush” with their manic, synth-soaked throb butt up against the yearning sincerity of “Silent Running” or “Don’t Start” (which owe equal debts to the balladry of both the Psychedelic Furs and The Shangri-Las) and collapse in a heap of teenage tears and unanswered emails.

Matt Rendon, Doug Tuttle, Jacco Gardner & Morgan Delt - a.k.a. the “man alone in a studio”. The unfiltered vision of what comes from an artist recording in seclusion is something we here at TiM have a keen interest in & we feel that more often than not it conjures up a razor-sharp musical focus & giddy freedom when unencumbered by that pesky word “compromise”. 31Ø8 is here to stay & we’re ecstatic to make your introductions. The LP edition of “31Ø8” is pressed onto 150gm vinyl & includes a download code.

RIYL: The Soft Moon, La Dusseldorf, Trio, OMD, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Soft Cell, Wild Nothing

1. Shooting Chickens
2. Go To Hell
3. The Hunger
4. Neon Crush
5. Silent Runnings
6. Don’t Start
7. Wildlife
8. The Seasons
9. Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
10. Ease Up
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Go To Hell
Out April 29th!
Another Generation of Slaves LP/CD

Greg Ashley has been melting minds since he was a teenager growing up in central Texas; first in his paint-peeling garagepunk band The Strate-Coats, then in lysergic psych band The Mirrors, and finally to great acclaim in his highly influential quartet The Gris Gris. If that weren’t enough, Ashley has peppered multiple solo albums in between all of these releases tracing along a path that veers to & fro from heady psychedelic freakouts to sensitive, folky tunesmithing.

“Another Generation of Slaves” is a bold step off that acid-soaked artery, the nine tunes herein are Ashley’s most directly poetic suite of songs both melodically & lyrically. “Another Generation...” FEELS different. Recorded in 2013 with a cadre of jazz musicians, the malleablity of his players belies dizzying results, allowing Ashley to focus on communicating the feeling of the tunes in addition to playing them. Lyrically, Ashley has never been one to mince words, but the songs are almost joyously direct.

Songs like “Brother Raymond” & “Prisoner #1131267” are character studies, while somber cuts like the folky opener “East Texas Plain” & the sultry “Patterns Of Days” are extremely insular tunes, unquestionably personal & beautifully unfolded. Ashley’s grown so comfortable in his ability to craft songs, that even the breezy “Awkward Affections”s brazenly honest lyrics don’t feels forced, but like another piece of the puzzle here. The stories fit together like Ashley’s own version of “Songs Of Love & Hate” or “Trouble Is A Lonesome Town”. A collection that doesn’t work unless the listener is fully immersed in it’s world, shackled to it’s narrative. The first vinyl edition is pressed on randomly mixed 150-gm vinyl, includes a printed inner sleeve with lyrics & a download code. All other pressings will be on basic black.

RIYL: Kurt Vile, Lee Hazlewood, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Bill Fay, Mikal Cronin

1. East Texas Plain
2. Brother Raymond
3. Awkward Affections 4. Medication #7
5. Bruises
6. Misery Again
7. Patterns Of Days
8. Prisoner #1131267
9. December Melodies
LP $12 CD $8
Traumhaft / Nicht zu stoppen

Swiss duo Klaus Johann Grobe have been mysteriously doling out their hypnotic brand of floor-filling electro-krautrock for a couple of years now, turning heads overseas with their s/t 10-inch EP & the followup single “Traumhaft” originally released in an edition of 300 copies by UK label Sunstone Records. Most copies never made it outside Europe (much less the UK), so TiM is reissuing this 2-song banger in anticipation of the release of their debut full-length (also soon on Trouble In Mind) this Spring. Both tunes are awash of a time just after the organic experimentation of krautrock’s heyday & the icy grip of the post-punk that would follow.

“Traumhaft” rockets of the A-side with it’s loping bass line, fully intent on making sure you MOVE, it’s rippling synth lines building into a gurgling climax as the pop majesty of the chorus cascades out of the speakers & lodges itself inescapably from your noggin. On the flip, “Nicht zu stoppen” plunges headlong into a motorik, spacey, head-bopping kraut-groove with echoed-vocals layered o’er an insistent, addictively percussive cowbell - heck, this single could be the very definition of a double A-side! The first edition of the TiM edition of the “Traumhaft” single is pressed on randomly mixed vinyl, includes a download code & is limited to 500 copies!

RIYL: Moon Duo, Blank Realm, ESG, Horrid Red, Neu!, Kraftwerk, Grauzone

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As one of the principal songwriters in the New Hampshire band MMOSS, guitarist Doug Tuttle was integral in honing that band’s signature sound of West Coast bummer harmonies wrapped taut around a sinewy & dreamy collision of hazy psychedelia & motorik krautrock. Upon the band’s recent dissolution in the spring of 2013, the east coast native Tuttle pitched camp in Somerville, Mass & began writing his way through not only the band’s demise but also the end of a long-time relationship.

The fruits of his labor are clearly evident in his debut solo album. Tuttle deftly forges a sound that all his, weaving nebulous jams into masterfully crafted pop gems. There is also heavy introspection here leading one to consider other artists who were terrific as the member of a band but that really excelled when they began releasing material under their own name.

Like Harumi’s “Talk About It” the album’s opener “ With Us Soon” is almost shocking in it ’s beauty and immediacy - resplendent with cascading waves of layered vocal harmonies and buzzing with phaser'd ecstasy. While ‘Forget the Days’ is reminiscent of the best Rick Wright Pink Floyd tune ’‘Turn this Love’ is perhaps the cornerstone of the record; practically pouring out of the speakers. At once hazy & yearning, the tune builds upon melodic organ drones & splashing cymbal crashes before turning into an extended jam that you wish would go on forever just the way you want ‘Cowgirl in the Sand’ or ‘Ramble Tamble’ to play on an on until the end of time. There is definitely a bittersweet narrative going on throughout the record but with the strength of every single track the listener becomes the willing accomplice. ‘I Will Leave”s melancholy refrain and ‘I Won’t Do’s’ downer optimism are two of the more personal tracks on the album but have a pop undercurrent not unlike J.K. and Company. The journey ends with ‘Better Days (Wools Grown Lighter)’ which is both reflective and optimistic. Doug Tuttle’s debut solo LP plays out in the same way, a reflection of his musical and personal past, but with it ’s eyes solely on the future. The first edition of ‘Doug Tuttle’ comes housed in a gold-foil stamped sleeve & includes a download code!

RIYL: Neil Young, Kurt Vile, The Bachs, Harumi, CCR, Mayo Thompson, Byrds

1. With Us Soon
2. Forget The Days
3. Turn This Love
4. Where You Plant Your Love... Is Where It Grows
5. Lasting Away
6. Leave Your Body
7. We Could Live
8. I Won't Do
9. Sewn Day
10. I Will Leave
11. Better Days (The Wool's Grown Lighter)
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With Us Soon
LP $12 CD $8

“Psychic Death Hole”, the ultra limited 6 song cassette released early in 2013 introduced the world to Morgan Delt’s self-produced, genre-bending flavor of brown acid-dosed flowerdelia. Equal parts Odyssey & Oracle’ and ‘Parable of Arable Land’, Morgan Delt ’s debut S/T LP expands on those initial tracks and brings forth one a fully realized glimpse into the California native’s twisted brain.

Morgan cites influences from Curt Boettcher to West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band and rounds it out with golden age sunset stip heavies like The Byrds and Love. It ’s all in there; obsessively studied, mastered and then mutated. Side one opens with the one/two punch of ‘Make My Grey Brain Green’ and ‘Barbarian Kings’ blasting apart 40 years of pop-psych and stitching it back together in a way that is both familiar but also refreshingly new. ‘Beneath the Black and Purple’ soars with a chiming guitar grumble right out of ‘8 Miles High.’’ & “Chakra Sharks” squirms it ’s way out of the speakerslike a snake - oiled up with the stink of not only what came before, but what ’s happening NOW. The drums pound hard & heavy, while the backups “la-la-la” all over your noggin like a Frankenstein version of The Flaming Lips & Thee Oh Sees. Each track worms it ’s way into your brain and takes hold. The finale ‘Main Title Sequence’, is all Stu Phillips-worship, right out of the soundtrack to your favorite 60’s cult classic with it ’s angelic backing vocals and lilting tremolo lead but somehow still buzzes with a modern current. As Morgan so keenly described his notion on the current state of genre bending music “I think we’ve become unstuck in time and everything is going to happen all at once from now on.” The first vinyl edition of ‘Morgan Delt’ includes a download code!

RIYL: Flaming Lips, Ariel Pink, Thee Oh Sees, Curt Boettcher, Red Krayola, Byrds, Love, White Fence

1. Make My Grey Brain Green
2. Barbarian Kings
3. Beneath The Black & Purple
4. Mr. Carbon Copy
5. Obstacle Eyes
6. Little Zombies
7. Chakra Sharks
8. Sad Sad Trip
9. Backwards Bird Inc.
10. Tropicana
11. Main Title Sequence
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Obstacle Eyes
LP $12 CD $8
Lemon Kid LP/CD

If there’s one thing you need to remember about Nashville-ian Jeffrey Novak is that he never stops. Like... never. Between his main band Cheap Time’s relentless touring schedule & recording (they probably have a new album out by the time you read this), he somehow finds the time to record solo material under his own name. His debut solo effort, “After The Ball” came out of nowhere - self released on his own Sonic Assault Records in 2009 to very little fanfare, it showcased a very different side of Novak. Gone were his blown-out, trashy Reatards/Oblivians/Persuaders worship, replaced with a sincere understanding of the maudlin melodies & pop music from the Early Seventies inspired by the likes of Ray Davies, John Cale, Brian Eno & the pervy balladry of Kevin Ayers.

“Lemon Kid” is undoubtedly his most focused solo work to date, distilling all that came before into one succinct & engaging listen. Guitars squeal & synths unravel from song to song, with Novak pushing the envelope of what in takes to create music in a pop setting, teasing sonic boundaries while retaining what makes a song great - the hooks. The first edition of “Lemon Kid” is pressed on 150gm randomly-mixed vinyl, includes a download code & is housed in a full-color, tip-on sleeve.

RIYL: Kevin Ayers, Brian Eno, Ty Segall, Van Der Generator, Jay Reatard

1. Endless Repetition
2. String Around The Waistband
3. Night For Day
4. Unfinished Memory
5. Heritage Towers
6. German Orange
7. Losing Charm
8. Pictures On A Screen
9. Lemon Kid
10. Now And Forever
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Pictures On A Screen
LP $12 CD $8
Espectrostatic LP/CD

Alex Cuervo has been rattling skulls for years in punk & garage bands like The Hex Dispensers, Blacktop, This Damn Town & Feast of Snakes. 2011 saw the release of two solo EPs under his own name, exploring his interest in darker, synth-oriented punk music. Since then, the Texan native has not only honed his skills on the synthesizer, but constructed this 13-song suite of instrumentals that owe a serious debt to the pioneers of late-seventies horror soundtracks like John Carpenter, Italo-prog masters Goblin & the work of German pioneers Tangerine Dream.

“Espectrostatic” unfolds like the soundtrack to a lost horror classic, with it’s pulsing synths & ominous passages inferring the unleashing of an ancient, horror creating a Lovecraft-ian musical journey. The tracks range from near ambient clouds of dread (”Consulting The Necronauts”) to throbbing tunes that could almost be mistaken for the goth-club floor-fillers created by Skinny Puppy & Soft Cell (”Phantom Swarm”). This is music made for the night & all things that reside therein. The LP edition of “Espectrostatic” is pressed on 150gm black vinyl & includes a download code. Features sleeve design from reknowned designer/illustrator Jason Willis.

RIYL: Goblin, Fabio Frizzi, John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream, Umberto, Skinny Puppy

1. Smokeface Appears
2. Doomed Lovers In A Gathering Storm
3. The Haunted Doll Factory
4. The Killing Touch
5. Searching The Museum
6. The Wrong Side Of The Portal
7. The Procession
8. It’s Raining Knives (Love Is Doomed)
9. Lost In The Catacombs
10. Consulting The Necronauts
11. Phantom Swarm
12. The Infernal Elevator
13. Please Be Careful As You Exit
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Smokeface Appears
LP $12 CD $8
Costa Blanca LP/CD

The Limiñanas are back on Trouble In Mind with their third album, “Costa Blanca”! Once again recorded at their home in the south of France by Lio himself, “Costa Blanca” pushes the envelope of their signature Franc-o-phonic sound; the coloeur café cool of Gainsbourg, the hypnotic drone of VU-era Cale, and the spiky fuzz of Davie Allan. This time around the band laces the tunes with a dramatic flair of French New Wave soundtracks & the percussive sonic accents found in Morricone’s work in Il Gruppo, particularly “The Feed-Back” whose funk-laced tracks incorprate elements of avant-classical and experimental sonic elements.

Fans of the band will no doubt hear familiar passages; melodic themes that appear & disappear not only over the course of this album, but that also reference The Limiñanas’ entire oeuvre - melodic “jump-cuts” that are sonic echoes of previous tunes & future melodies. Thematically, “Costa Blanca” is an insular record, with subjects that reference Lio’s youth growing up in Spain in the 1970’s near the Mediterranean Sea & lyrics which are nostalgic odes to the music, films, girls, books & cars that shaped his world. Includes a printed inner sleeve, & a download code.

RIYL: Sérge Gainsbourg, Velvet Underground, Kim Fowley, Ennio Morricone, Stereolab, Stereo Total

1. Je me souviens comme si j'y étais
2. My black Sabbath
3. Alicante
4. Votre coté yéyé m'emmerde
5. Cold Was The Ground
6. i miei occhi sono i tuoi occhi
7. La Mercedes de couleur gris métallisé
8. Rosas
9. Barrio Chino
10. BB
11. La mélancolie
12. La Mediterranée
13. Liverpool (Album version feat. MU)
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My black Sabbath
LP $12 CD $8
The End Of August / Notus

2013 has been the year of Jacco Gardner. After taking Europe and the USA by storm and releasing two killer singles and his critically acclaimed full-length album "Cabinet of Curiosities", Gardner returns with two new, exclusive tracks for Trouble in Mind.

Recorded at his own Shadow Shoppe Studios in Zwaag, Netherlands, Gardner has again employed the drum skills of Jos van Tol, but plays all other instruments himself. "The End Of August" begins with a gentle, lilting guitar strum and bubbling mellotron, before kicking into a subtle, driving chorus that perfectly captures the ennui one feels as summer ends and fall begins. "Notus" resides on the flip side -- a loping, lysergic instrumental that pitches a tent in between the works of Perrey-Kingsley and Stereolab, while flirting with a slightly progressive song structure, moving beyond the Syd Barret-influenced baroque-pop of earlier works. This single is pressed on black vinyl, comes housed in the new Trouble in Mind company sleeve and includes a download. The perfect single to usher in Autumn!

RIYL: Stereolab, Perrey-Kingsley, Free Design, Saggitarius, Curt Boettcher

No Flash
The End Of August
Barbarian Kings / Black Tuna Gang

From the first moment we heard Los Angeles pop-psych mastermind Morgan Delt, we knew it was something special. After catching wind of his self-released cassette EP “Psychic Death Hole” from early 2013, we here at TiM HQ just had to release the vinyl! “Barbarian Kings” was a standout from that EP & is presented here as Side-A of Delt’s vinyl debut.

The tune simmers out of your speakers from the first note, appearing fully realized & assured with the chops of an artist with far more releases under his belt. The hooks hang heavy in the air, like a reverb’d fever dream buoyed by an LSD-laced lullaby. “Black Tuna Gang” holds down the B-Side, cascading towards you like the theme song to a hallucinogenic biker flick made under the influence of brown acid. Soft-psych harmonies float atop a mountain of fuzz & hotshit guitar licks, creating something that could only be described as “sunshine doom”. Look for Morgan Delt’s fulllength album in Spring 2014 on Trouble In Mind! This single is pressed in an edition of 500 copies on black vinyl & comes housed in the Trouble In Mind company sleeve.

RIYL: Flaming Lips, White Fence, The Turtles, Troggs, Ty Segall, Syd Barrett

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Barbarian Kings
Greatest Songs Of... LP

Many people may not realize, but Tuscon native Matt Rendon has been making some of the world’s greatest pop music since 1997, having released 6 full-length albums & three singles under the moniker The Resonars. The “band” started as an actual band, but after members came & went, Rendon decided to soldier on & just play everything his own damn self & this 14-song compilation gathers together some of Rendon’s greatest compositions from the opening guitar scree & wall of vocal harmonies of “Definitely Crescent Ridge”, to the cascading guitar jangle of “Marina”, all the way to the winsome chords of “Paint My Window Green”. Hits. All of ‘em.

This LP collects tracks from the s/t Star Time debut, thru the three Get Hip LPs (’Bright & Dark’, ’Lunar Kit’ & ‘Nonetheless Blue’), his Burger debut ‘Evil Drone’ & two tunes from his recent Trouble In Mind 4-song 7” EP. Trust us - this one was a hard one to compile - The Resonars’ songbook is front-to-back hits, but we feel like we’ve done ‘em justice, conspiring with Rendon to succinctly crystallize the genius of The Resonars into one quickly accesible package. We personally feel that the man is a pop genius, and think that after one spin of this album - you will too. “The Greatest Songs of The Resonars” is a one-time, LP-only pressing of 1000 copies on randomly mixed vinyl & includes a download code.

RIYL: The Who, The Move, Hollies, King Tuff, Big Star, Gentleman Jesse

1. Definitely Crescent Ridge
2. Marina
3. If He’s So Great
4. A Slice Of Today
5. Under Garden
6. Flood Lamp Eyes
7. Lunar Kit
8. She’s In Love With Her
9. Sinking Is Slow
10. World Apart
11. No Black Clouds Float By
12. Black Breath
13. Long Long Thoughts
14. Paint My Window Green
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Lunar Kit
LP $12
Everything Is Free LP/CD

San Francisco’s Wrong Words are back, but they might be lil’ bit different than you remember them; sure the pop hooks and melodies still ring loud and true, the choruses are still earworms that work their way into your brain and refuse to let go, but something’s different. With their second album “Everything Is Free”, the band moves into a comfortable spot nestled between more mature songwriting and adventurous arrangements.

This time out, The Wrong Words have enlisted a string section, horns, & woodwinds to carefully guide them through the pop landscape. Songwriter Josh Miller still burns with the fiery restlessness that peppered his tunes on their 2011 s/t debut, but rather than bash & crash their way thru a 2 & a half minute pop ditty, they ease their way from verse to chorus without sacrificing any of their token pop smarts. For most pop bands, “maturing” comes at a cost; sacrificing hooks, watering down the sound, or altering their look - The Wrong Words have dodged that bullet by acknowledging these new elements as pre-existing in the nature of song, ready to be plucked from the tree from which they sprung at no cost whatsoever. Everything Is Free, man.

RIYL: The Feelies, Teenage Fanclub, The Last, King Tuff, Nick Lowe

1. Pretending Your Life
2. ...And It’s Not So Pretty
3. I Don’t Have A Heart
4. Say Something
5. Where Am I Now?
6. What The Word Means
7. The Sting
8. Your Secrets
9. The Other End Of The Line
10. It’s Only Human
11. It Will Never Be Kind
12. Second Life
13. What’s Done Is Done
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I Don't Have A Heart
LP $12 CD $8
Brand New Thing / Twice Burned

The People’s Temple have been perfecting their own brand of songcraft over two full-length albums & numerous singles on numerous labels for years now, so one would think they’d need no introduction. This single marks the band’s Trouble In Mind debut, and right off the bat, longtime fans should hear something different; the haunting baroque melodies & aching chords of “Brand New Thing” ooze of the vinyl with a romantic yearning and earnest naiveté of the best of The Brill Building.

Echoes of The Clique & Electric Prunes come to mind, but we’re imagining The Left Banke if they wore leather jackets instead of dandy waistcoats. “ Twice Burned” crackles forth from the B-side, strutting out of your speakers in a haze of reverb & left-handed cigarette smoke. It’s snakey, Eastern rhythms are glued together with the percussive attitude of The Chocolate Watchband & the musical mysticism of Bobby Beausoleil. Careful you don’t singe your fingers removing this one from the turntable! This single is pressed in an edition of 500 copies on randomly mixed vinyl, comes housed in the TiM company sleeve & includes a download code!

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Brand New Thing
Hacia Aquellos Bosques de Immensidad LP

Nestled in the valleys between the Chillón, Rímac and Lurín rivers, lies the city of Lima, Peru where musical spiritual collective Montibus Communitas have quietly sculpted sonic devotionals to the holiness of Mother Nature since 2010. The four pieces recorded for ‘Hacia aquellos bosques de inmensidad’ were tracked live in the studio on November 4th, 2011 & written as they were interpreted - we hesitate to qualify them as improvisations, as the movements feel more like messages sent from another place, given life through the fevered hands of Montibus Communitas. Fading in gently with the somber guitar strums of “Hanan Pacha”, ‘Hacia aquellos...’ slowly takes flight over two sides of graceful beauty that simultaneously pays tribute to & forbodes against the unbending will of nature & it’s spiritual demands on humanity. The collective uses mostly acoustic instrumentation; acoustic guitars, violin, pan flute, bongos, cymbals & the sounds of the human voice, leaving a little distance as possible from the sounds & their makers - the visceral connection of musician to instrument is unbound by the limitations of electrical current. “Hacia aquellos...’ is a journey, & one we at TiM hope the listener embarks upon with us. C’mon - what ware you waiting for? ‘Hacia aquellos bosques de inmensidad’ is the U.S. debut of Montibus Communitas, having released a s/t LP in 2012 on Cosmic Eye Records & is pressed on randomly mixed vinyl in an edition of 500 copies, & includes full-color insert & download code.

RIYL: Popul Vuh, Amon Duul, Kalacra, Follakzoid, Source Family, Trees Community

Hanan Pacha
Into Uku Pacha
No Flash
Hanan Pacha
LP $12
Some People Are on the Pitch They Think It's All over It Is Now LP

Trouble In Mind is honored to be reissuing this remastered version of U.K. band The Dentists’ debut album from 1985, “Some People Are On The Pitch They Think It’s All Over It Is Now” - available for the first time on vinyl since its original issue! The Dentists emerged from the infamous “Medway” scene that had already spawned The Prisoners & Billy Childish’s band, The Milkshakes - whose raw sound & stage craft played a crucial role in molding the band’s ferocity.

The Dentists set themselves apart early on, not content with only drawing upon the sixties for inspiration, they looked to current bands like The Smiths & R.E.M. as kindered congwriting spirits, but as guitarist Bob Collin’s says, ”we thought they were getting the sound all wrong”. After releasing their debut single in 1985, the band quickly followed it up with this stunner of a long-player, fusing the aggression of British post-punk with the burgeoning jangle of the eighties underground rock scene & the band’s core, paisley-tinted influences of The Beatles, Love & The Byrds. This 2013 edition of “Some People Are On The Pitch...” has been lovingly remastered from the original tapes by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service, pressed onto 150gm black vinyl & housed in a near-faithful re-creation of the original jacket. Long live The Dentists!

Flowers Around Me
I'm Not The Devil
Tony Bastable V John Noakes
You Make Me Say It Somehow
Mary Won't Come Out To Play
I Had An Excellent Dream

Kinder Still
The Little Engineers Set
Back To The Grave
The Arrow Points To The Spot
Everything In The Garden
One Of Our Psychedelic Breakers Is Missing
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I'm Not The Devil
LP temporarily out of stock.
You're Wrong / You Can't Hide

Andrew Anderson is a prolific guy, having recorded two albums (and many singles) of dumb-punk ferocity with his band, Hipshakes & released three albums & a number of singles under his solo project moniker, “Proto Idiot”. Proto Idiot’s previous output has had one foot firmly planted in the Hipshakes school of frenzied, nervous garagepunk intensity, & the other in a rickety, Kinks-ian, English-countryside gallop. His debut for TiM however is a step in a new direction, delivering smart & urgent pop tunes having more in common with the DIY smarts of bands like Television Personalities, Wire & The Soft Boys than The Oblivians or The Gories.

"You’re Wrong" yearns with the strummy confections of a lost classic & it's earworm melody will have a hard time getting unstuck from your brain! “You Can’t Hide” burns with the loping maudlin of guitars & careens into a head-bopper of sugary pop-perfection. The fi rst edition of this single is pressed on randomly-mixed vinyl, comes housed in the TiM stars & stripes company sleeve & includes a download code!

Wire, The Soft Boys, Television Personalities, Tyvek, Hipshakes

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You're Wrong
Coltan LP

Chicago psychedelic band Verma has been quietly honing their skills in the Windy City for a few years now, releasing a handful of cassettes to eager tapeheads. 2012 treated listeners to the onetwo punch of their self-released LP “Exu” & this album right here, “Coltan” recorded as the soundtrack for VICE Magazine’s ‘Guide To The Congo’ web mini-series & released as a limited edition cassette. After hearing that cassette, we here at TiM just couldn’t allow it NOT to exist on vinyl!

‘Coltan’ (short for Columbite-Tantalite) is a dull, black, metallic ore used in the manufacture of tantalum capacitors, which you’ll nd in just about EVERY electronic device & the mining of which has caused a “resource curse” in The Congo. “Coltan” perfectly captures the intensity & desperation of the situation in the four extended improvisations, which take the listener on a hazy, sun-baked journey from the mellow shadows of opening track ‘Tantalite’ all the way to the synth-drenched buzz of closer ‘Wolframite’. “Coltan” veers slightly from Verma’s previous e fforts, the band’s motorik krautrock drive has been tamed in favour of more atmospheric & abstract soundscapes. The first edition of “Coltan” is limited to 500 copies on black vinyl & includes a download code!

RIYL: Godspeed! YBE, Amon Duul II, Cluster, Can, Cave

Side A.
Side B.
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LP $12
Night Flight / Exit the Loop

Sometimes the best bands are just out in the world - waiting for you to discover them. Mirrorism formed nary a year ago in Ferrara, Italy & posted tracks from their Bored Youth-released cassette onto a message board late last year. The band’s TiM debut snags two tunes from that blast of hot air & slaps ‘em onto wax - where they belong! In their own words, Mirrorism are: "a philosophical, artistic and political movement based on chaos, disunity, multiple personality disorder and the refusal to make sense of any kind of artistic output."

One gets a very real sense of the chaos lurking beneath these jagged stabs of post-punk fury - "Night Flight" kicks off the A-side with a rhythmic ticking of the drums, perhaps a warning of the musical time bomb about to explode thru your speakers! Short, sweet & skronky - it’s over before it even began. “Exit TheLoop” closes out the single with a ragged cacophony of garage scree & trebly guitar sirens! An exciting debut from this promising new band! The first edition of this single is pressed on randomly-mixed vinyl, comes housed in the TiM stars & stripes company sleeve & includes a download code!

RIYL: Contortions, Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, Tyvek, Spray Paint

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Night Flight
Cabinet Of Curiosities LP/CD

It's a hard realization to discover that the world may not be as magical and wondrous as you once believed, & reconciling ones loss of innocence and sense of naïveté is a theme that reoccurs often in art, music and literature. From 'To Kill a Mockingbird' to 'God Only Knows' the best articulations of lost youth can have a very visceral impact. The 12 tracks that make up the debut album "Cabinet of Curiosities" from Dutch multi-instrumentalist and producer Jacco Gardner deftly explore this territory in a far more accomplished and mature way than you would expect from a 24 year old, fulfilling the promises made by his first two singles.

Jacco's melodic palette colors music with a more U.K.-sensibility, where minor chords & plush harmonies brush up against strings, mellotrons, harpsichords & an occasional squeezebox. The overall feel is more Zombies than Left Banke and more Nirvana & Billy Nicholls than Beach Boys & Van Dyke Parks. The title track "Cabinet of Curiosities" is an instrumental reminiscent of the best of Curt Boettcher's projects like The Millennium and Sagittarius with its playful baroque arrangements. 'The One Eyed King' and 'Chameleon' delicately evokes a softly waning sunset melancholy while 'Puppets Dangling' slinks forward suggestively at first, unfolds into an expansive, string-soaked chorus, before winding back into a taut melodic denouement.

Recorded & engineered at his "Shadow Shoppe" Studio in Zwaag, The Netherlands, "Cabinet Of Curiosities" features Jacco playing every instrument (save the drums, deftly played by Jos van Tol) & was pre-mastered by Jan Audier - famed engineer of Dutch garage/psych heavies Q65, The Golden Earrings & The Motions on his vast array of authentic Sixties analog gear. "Cabinet Of Curiosities" is pressed on 150gm vinyl, includes a full-color insert & download code.

RIYL: Syd Barrett, Zombies, Left Banke, Dungen, Tame Impala

1. Clear The Air
2. The One Eyed King
3. Puppets Dangling
4. Where Will You Go
5. Watching The Moon
6. Cabinet Of Curiosities
7. The Riddle
8. Lullaby
9. Help Me Out
10. Summer's Game
11. Chameleon
12. The Ballad Of Little Jane
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The Ballad Of Little Jane
LP $12 CD $8
Shadows LP/CD

The sun-soaked hills of Southern California have inspired many a studio autéur - from Brian WIlson to Phil Spector to Harry Nilsson, each having paid tribute to California in song & craft. Frank Maston knows a little bit about craft (and Southern Cali to boot), having spent his youth in suburban Los Angeles, absorbing the meticulously crafted discography of Msrs. Spector, Wilson, Bacharach, & Morricone, all the while mentally re-scoring the music to old Prisoner episodes & other filmography from the sixties & seventies. "Shadows" is his first proper offering, having produced two solo cassette EPs since 2011 & coalesces the ideas sketched out in those releases with stunning results.

Imagine if David Lynch had set Twin Peaks in Malibu instead of the Northwest, & you'll start to peek inside the world of Maston. Brass, woodwinds, organs and piano mix with haunting melodies and eerie guitar lines that seem to spring forth from the very fingers of Alessandro Alessandroni himself. There are no artificial sounds on this record, and Maston plays them all himself (save the harp, played by Ana Caravelle), capturing the sounds naturally thru the warm embrace of true analog gear. From the sauntering "Young Hearts", to slinky instrumentals like "King Conrad" & "Strange Rituals", to urgent pop clatter of "Mirror" the album works as a whole because Frank Maston appreciates the historical musical tradition of 1960's Los Angeles and the music succeeds without irony or pastiche. These songs are not reflections, but shadows. The first pressing of "Shadows" is pressed on 150gm, randomly mixed vinyl, and includes a download code.

RIYL: Brian Wilson, Harry Nilsson, Animal Collective, Van Dyke Parks, Broadcast

1. Strange Rituals
2. (You Were) In Love
3. Messages
4. Looks
5. Young Hearts
6. Judge Alabaster
7. King Conrad
8. Flutter
9. Mirror
10. Night
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Young Hearts
LP $12 CD $8

Marble Vanity

Marble Vanity LP

We've scored the last copies of these from Slow Fizz Records - buy now, or pay later 'cuz once they're gone, they're GONE!

"Following the instructional vibes of the “You Can’t Step On A Rainbow” seven inch single, The Marble Vanity now give us the self-titled full length that youths will go to as a starting point years from now. Its probably the most elegant thing going on right now, even though extended listening sessions somehow turn into haunted house parties serving glamor shots with spit chasers. Don’t get caught with a dry mouth, says the teeth eating monster. We’ll be sure to avoid the cotton candy; there’s enough sugar coated silverware drowning in the ocean of neon in the belly of The Marble Vanity to fix the kids on the path and the bodies in the gutter. From Prelude to Conclusion, follow the animals at bay winding through concrete and common grass in search of the wondrous world they once imagined." - Slow Fizz

RIYL: Left Banke, Millennium, Pretty Things, Sagittarius, Zombies

LP $12

Marble Vanity 7"

You Can’t Step On A Rainbow / My Love Has Gone

The Marble Vanity’s debut recording, “You Can’t Step On A Rainbow” b/w “My Love Has Gone” features two songs exclusive to this release. An original tune, plus a cover of the Del Shannon popularized "My Love Has Gone" The Marble Vanity is Lisa Roe, Bill Roe & Andrew Anderson with Emma Hospelhorn. Cornet played by Josh Berman. Mixed and mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering. Limited to 500 copies, pressed on clear vinyl.

RIYL: Left Banke, Millennium, Pretty Things, Sagittarius, Zombies, Del Shannon

This Time I Got A Reason / Fuzz's Fourth Dream

Since it's first issue in 1966, the 'Fuzz Face' pedal has sung it's distorted siren song & lured many a burgeoning guitar player to the rock. Hendrix & Townshend swore by them, and apparently so does the San Francisco group FUZZ!... OOF - Tinnitus here we come! This hot 2-songer is two addictive & ferocious slabs of doomy fuzzed-out rock & fucking ROLL that break open the gates of Hades & lurch forward like rabid hounds of Hell!

Comprised of lifelong pals Charles Mootheart & Ty Segall (and rounded out live by ex-Moonheart Roland Cosio on bass), FUZZ brings the heavy; "This Time I Got A Reason" & "Fuzz's Fourth Dream" are both flaming embers of molten rock that evoke a serpentine head-banging & rage skyward on evil riffs like the red-headed stepchildren of Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Jerusalem & Wicked Lady! W-W-Whoah! (Please Note: we at Trouble In Mind Records LLC are not responsible for any spinal or neck problems that occur from excessive head-banging to this hot shit platter). This record comes housed in the new TiM factory sleeve, is pressed on black vinyl & includes a download code!

RIYL: Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Wicked Lady, Morgen, Jerusalem, Witchcraft

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This Time I Got A Reason
Four Girls LP/CD

Australia is in a full-on rock & roll renaissance right now & charging to the front of the pack is Melbourne's Woollen Kits! "Four Girls" is the follow up to their self-titled debut LP on RIP Society & a continuation of the greatness of their TiM debut 7-inch from summer 2012. The new album finds the band in tip-top form; confident & assured, with a suite of their best tunes to date.

Songs herein deal with underlying longing or fantasy with individual truths & being fed up with people's phoney concepts and ideals (which, guitarist Tom H says: "in an effort to make themselves feel more deep and interesting to people, are actually creating a barrier between themselves and everyone else by only relating to others on a very one dimensional level"). But despite this frustration or sense of loss, there's usually (usually) a positive spin on these themes. 'Cheryl' is a definite standout on the album and offers listeners some of the truest lyrics ever put to song with "When you look good, you know you feel good, and when you feel good, you get shit done." 'Susannah' is another instant head-bopper with its happy-tappy VU guitar strum and horn interplay. Tom, Tom and Leon have taken the two disparate voices of their debut album and forged a united delivery emphasizing the best of both song writer's strengths. It's got the swagger and jangle of classic Flying Nun and the simplicity and directness of Beat Happening with a dash of late-80's underground rock. The U.S. edition on Trouble In Mind is pressed on black vinyl, includes an insert & download code!

1. Back To You
2. Cheryl
3. Sandra
4. Be You
5. So Cold
6. Susannah
7. Please
8. Shelley
9. All Sorts
10. On The Move
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CD $8
Only Children LP/CD

From the damp and misty woods of New Hampshire emerges the second full length from psychedelic jam warriors MMOSS. The minute we heard the band's 2011 debut on Burger Records they immediately rocketed to the front of our release "wish list". Recorded by the band themselves at home "Only Children" is everything we could have hoped for.

The songs swirl and shimmer as the vocals waver and glide together like the trippiest acid test light show. 'Only Children' is a decidedly heavier trip than the debut album paring down the sheer number of tracks in favor of expanded blasts of musical mayhem. 'War Sux' has the motoric kraut of modern acts like Cave while 'Marty Hills' lays down the drone and hand drum a'la Swedish hippies 'Parson Sound'. That being said, MMOSS hasn't lost their pop sensibility - 'Another Day' and 'Another Dream' take you (literally) from mono to stereo with cascading vocal harmonies so sweet, you won't even notice that the hooks have already sunken in. Their vocal interplay affirms an affection for the group vocal stylings of 60's west coast acts like The Rose Garden, Comfortable Chair & The Peanut Butter Conspiracy, taking their melancholic & bittersweet recollections and bringing them to a plugged-in generation. MMOSS is the sound of hippies that took the brown acid and liked it. Live free or die. The vinyl edition of "Only Children" is pressed on black vinyl & includes a download code.

1. Spoiled Sun
2. Okay
3. War Sux
4. Hands
5. Marty Hills
6. Another Day
7. Another Dream
8. Wander
9. Spolied Son
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Another Dream
LP $12 CD $8
Bubblegum Graveyard LP/CD

Traveling down the long road of Indiana’s great & rich musical history, will lead you past The Gizmos, The Zero Boys, Brad Long, Zerfas & eventually to Bloomington trio Apache Dropout. The band’s self-titled 2011 album was a kick in the pants to everyone who dared cry that ‘rock is dead’, infusing psych, garage, pop & boogie with enough soul & blood to pump a thousand hearts. ‘Bubblegum Graveyard’ goes above and beyond what one could have hoped for in the band’s sophmore album, magically combining bubblegum pop and heavy guitar jams into a brewing pot of “chewing gumbo” that really has to be heard to be believed. Sonny Blood’s vocal delivery and guitar playing dances around the wobbly grooves the rhythm section of Lord Fyre & Anu Nath are laying down, exerting an earnest and rocking blue collar midwestern sensibility while still maintaining a hold on the best elements of Ohio Express or 1910 Fruit Gum Company’s self-concious silliness.

Stand out tracks such as the pop majesty of the two opening tracks “Archies Army”and “Candy Bar” stir and sift with surreal lyrics that unwrap themselves more and more with every listen, while the wail and moan of “Quaaludes ‘68” and “Lady Blood” come on like the best of the Motor City in its glory days, screaming & howling like Cerebus at the gates of the Underworld. The musical and lyrical interplay reveal a hallucinatory tale of candy, robberies, death & hasty getaways - like Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry, only if Mary is Patty Hearst & Larry were a deranged Willy Wonka. Multiple listens reveal a poppy-laced reality and a warped sense of rage over the oppressively flat and banal Midwestern landscape...not to mention fortune-telling candy bars and Undead Jughead too! Includes a full-color insert & lyric sheet, is pressed on 150gm black vinyl, & includes a download code!

1. Archie’s Army
2. Candy Bar
3. 1-2-3 Red Light
4. Carryin’ Fleas
5. Ghost Stories
6. Lady Blood
7. Quaaludes ‘68
8. Robbin’ The Bank
9. The Fried Stranger
10. I-80
11. Katie Verlaine
12. Hey Valentine
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Candy Bar
LP $12 CD $8
Vulture LP/CD

What a year it’s been for the four ladies & one gentleman in Chicago band Hollows - after releasing their Trouble In Mind debut (the "Bobby Blueheart" single) in late 2010, the quintet has played a score of shows (including a hi-profile gig in Millennium Park, performing to approximately 10,000 people), & honed their singular sound into a razor-sharp musical talon! Hollows have taken the girl-group influence of their debut album and time warped 20 years, creating a sound that has more in common with Kate Bush than Ronnie Spector and more Go-Go’s than Shangri-La’s. Their sophmore effort "Vulture" finds them mining more sophisticated & nuanced sonic territories - the opening track "V is for Vulture" sets the tone for the album, with its yearning throb that swells into a (literal) symphony of bittersweet horns & strings, and "Ma Cat" is a somber ode to a lady trucker, with vocalist/organist Maria Jenkins cooing o‘er it’s soothing melody.

It doesn’t end there; "Field Fire On Jordan Street" bops along like Nikki & the Corvettes, "Shapeshifter" boasts a Caribbean rhythm that would make Belafonte blush, & "Up & Down" careens toward oblivion with crashing drums & swelling organ trills. The first edition LP of 500 copies comes pressed on 150gm randomly mixed vinyl & includes a download code.

1. V Is For Vulture
2. Strange Effect
3. Sunset Lullaby
4. Field Fire On Jordan Street
5. Oh Why
6. Golden Chain
7. Rather See Me Dead
8. Big Decisions (Country Song)
9. Shapeshifter
10. Bobby Blueheart
11. Up & Down
12. Ma Cat
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V Is For Vulture
LP $12 CD $8
Irrelevant Future LP/CD

The anxiously awaited follow up to the Estrogen Highs excellent self-released 2011 album "Friends and Relatives" is finally here and let us be the first to say that if you aren’t already a fan of these guys, you are about to become one. After two LP's, one 12" EP, four 7-inches, and one cassette, the project that started as Stefan Christensen in 2007 playing and recording everything by himself has now fully jelled into a rock-solid, full-band quartet. "Irrelevant Future" synthesizes all of the bands best attributes into one hit packed, perfectly paced LP. It expounds on the the wiry (and Wire-y) DIY whiffs from previous releases, emphasizes the thinking mans punk of the Minutemen and all the while an under-current of Kiwi-jangle ebbs and flows. With all of this in mind Estrogen Highs thankfully don’t sacrifice the off-kilter weirdness that already established fans know and love. Songs like "Alchemy Contest" and "Status Quo (Oh No)" have a quirky melodic sensibility that plays off intricate guitar and bass lines. "Grass of Leaves" holds down the chugga-chugga punk angle while "They Told Me I Was Everything" meditates on Shakesperean betrayal - and just when you think you’ve got a handle on the record’s direction they hammer you with "Seventh Sunday of the Ordinary Times", a "ripper" if there ever was one in the band’s canon. The album’s closer "I Wanna Be Tall" is a measured leap forward, focusing the band’s strength’s into the first perfect pop song of 2012 ~ guaranteed to be stuck in your head for days! The first edition LP of 500 copies comes pressed on 150gm randomly mixed vinyl & includes a download code. CD is packaged in a LP-style slip-sleeve pocket!

RIYL: Tyvek, The Clean, Desperate Bicycles, Wire, The Chills

1. Tell It To Them
2. Alchemy Contest
3. Grass Of Leaves
4. Status Quo (Oh No)
5. The World Is Flat
6. It Has To Rhyme
7. Columbus Nightwalkers
8. Temporary Spaces
9. They Told Me I Was Everything
10. The Seventh Sunday Of The Ordinary Times
11. I Saw Light
12. I Wanna Be Tall
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I Wanna Be Tall
LP $12 CD $8
I Will Change Your Mind 7-inch

One of our absolute favorite bands is back with a killer new single! This two-songer is the perfect follow-up to their TiM debut LP from last March. All the elements are here that made their full-length so great; the guitar work, thumping bass and drums, great lyrics, and the same one-two, eff-you pop-punch. "I Will Change Your Mind" has singer/guitarist Josh Miller hitting some new highs not only in guitar riff-ery but hitting those vocal high notes like he is some kind of power-pop Rob Halford - it’s a real roller coaster of a tune, that takes the listener on a journey through the melodic vocabulary of folks like Roy Wood, Nick Lowe & Paul Collins without losing their own personal voice. The flip, "How To Keep A Straight Face" kicks open the door & stomps in with a killer riff & some down and dirty wah-wah action, before smartly swaying into a great laid back northern California-cool melodic feel not-unlike Boz Scaggs jamming with the Barracudas. A terrific teaser for what’s on the horizon from this trio!

1. I Will Change Your Mind
2. How To Keep A Straight Face
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I Will Change Your Mind
Pictures Of Her Demise 7-inch

Not quite all grown up yet, Nashville wunderkinds The Paperhead return to Trouble In Mind with a single that shows that these boys are maturing musically by the hour. Not only have Ryan, Peter & Walker absolutely mastered their 8-track recording skills, with the A-Side, "Pictures Of Her Demise" they’ve honed in on a thrilling synthesis of their influences. From Pink Floyd to The (Dutch) Outsiders, or Q65 and The Golden Dawn, they’ve added a dash more dandy flair a’la Rainbow Ffolly or Jason Crest. "She Is Above Me" taps into some prime "moustache-era" Beatles, resting comfortably in a Strawberry Field while a lysergic carousel whirls around & drops tab after tab of "Blue Sunshine" on your tongue. All hyperbole aside, the arrangements are more intricate and these lads are continuing to be at the head of the class when it comes to the idea that psychedelic music isn’t always about indulgence - there is a simplicity and beauty in the careful construction of a song. The first edition of 500 copies is pressed on randomly mixed vinyl, includes a download code, & comes housed in a glossy, U.K. vintage-style pocket picture sleeve!

RIYL: Thee Oh Sees, The Beatles, White Fence, The Move, The Outsiders

1. Pictures Of Her Demise
2. She Is Above Me
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Pictures Of Her Demise
Self-titled LP/CD

Conceived and recorded as a sort of therapy to help cope with adjusting to life post-college, an insuing break-up and geographic isolation Mikal Cronin steps momentarily away from the rhythm section of Orange County surf-punk bashers The Moonhearts with his debut solo LP. Fans can take heart, this isn’t a “vanity project” or half-baked endeavor - Mikal’s solo debut is fully realized, cohesive and beautiful, with themes that are as personal as they are universal; questioning your future, accepting your past and living in the moment. Taking influences such as late sixties Del Shannon and The Everly Brothers and filtering them through his own mutant California fuzz, Mikal deftly explores his singer/songwriter side that at moments feels like a punk Harry Nilsson or Curt Boettcher that balances sweet melodies & chords with chunky, psychedelic guitar freak-outs. Don’t let the opening Beach Boys-ian harmonies of “Is It Alright?” fool you into thinking this record can be easily pinned down... with long-time friend & collaborator Ty Segall producing, Eric Bauer (Ty Segall, Royal Baths) running the tape machine and guests like John Dwyer of The Oh-Sees, you can be positive you’re in for something special. Once those guitars kick in, and you hit that first transcendent chorus, you’ll be hooked and anxiously awaiting what comes next.

1. Is It Alright
2. Apathy
3. Green & Blue
4. Get Along
5. Slow Down
6. Gone
7. Situation
8. Again & Again
9. Hold On Me
10. The Way Things Go
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LP $12 CD $8
Self-titled LP/CD

Any number of bands cite 60’s Texas psych as an influence, but rarely does a group actually capture what made those bands special. Following their debut EP also on Trouble In Mind, The Night Beats have expanded on the bedroom immediacy of their first recordings to create an LP that perfectly captures and modernizes the hallucinogenic and exhilaratingly demonic aura of bands like The 13th Floor Elevators and Golden Dawn. With blazing guitar work and a razor sharp rhythm section Danny Lee Blackwell and company mutate conventional chords & progressions into a mind-blowing sonic sprawl. The record reels you in with 2-3 minute pop songs like ‘Ain’t Dumbo’ and ‘Dial 666', forging a landscape that then throws you into a chaotic journey of jams a’la ‘Dewayne’s Drone’ and ‘Little War in the Midwest’ that bend and meander but never overstay their welcome. Tune in, turn on, & drop that needle on this record! The first press of this LP is on randomly-mixed vinyl & includes a download code! CD version includes the OOP 4-song "H-Bomb" EP.

RIYL: Black Angels, Thee Oh Sees, 13th Floor Elevators, Electric Prunes

1. Puppet On A String
2. Ain’t Dumbo
3. Dial 666
4. The Other Side
5. Useless Game
6. Dewayne’s Drone
7. Hallucinojenny
8. Ain’t A Ghost
9. Meet Mr. Fork
10. War Games
11. High Noon Blues
12. Little War In The Midwest
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Puppet On A String
LP $12 CD $8
Eye Times LP/CD

Wait, have the Wax Museums MATURED?!?!?! After a 3 year hiatus north TX’s lovable misfits (who share members with The Bad Sports and Mind Spiders) are back with a four-headed thirteen eyed monster of an album that while still slightly awkward, is undeniably focused and endearing.

‘Eye Times’ is a musical step forward with moments of glammy art-rockness that proves once and for all these clowns ain’t just one-joke jerks. ‘Mosquito Enormo’ swarms and stings with it’s way-out delay pedal induced chaos and ‘Bruiser’ proves the Wax Museums still just write killer punk anthems. The charming nerd-o aesthetic that was so prevalent on the early singles and first LP remain, but NOW with added sexual frustration, ‘Breakfast for Dinner’ just very well might be the Wax Museum’s “Me So Horny“… or something. The first press of this LP is on randomly-mixed vinyl & includes a download code!

RIYL: Bad Sports, Cheap Time, Icky Boyfriends, Dickies, Devo

1. Midlife Crisis
2. Socket
3. Mad Gasser
4. Mosquito Enormo
5. Between
6. Bruiser
7. Sunburn
8. Tunguska
9. Breakfast For Dinner
10. Chase Your Shadow
11. Nothing To Do (With The 60s)
12. Matter Over Mind
13. Quicksand
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Midlife Crisis
LP $12 CD $8
Self-titled LP/CD

Upon your first listen to this record you may think that you’ve stumbled onto some lost nugget from 1968. The Paperhead take their name from a lyric in July’s golden-age psychedelic single “My Clown” and while the record may have a vintage sound, it’s mind boggling to learn that it was written and recorded in the summer of 2010 by three 18 year old kids from Nashville, Tennessee. Neo-psych fans may hear a more ambitious ‘White Fence’ or a poppier ‘Spacemen 3’ while more classic minded listeners may recall ‘The Pretty Things’, their namesake ‘July’ or post-LSD ‘Beatles’. Before they all went their separate ways to start college Ryan Jennings and his closest childhood friends Walker Mimms and Peter Stringer-Hye holed up to record an album that combines all the orchestrated pop layers, eastern influence and groovy instrumentals of a classic British Psych record. With Cheap Time’s Jeffrey Novak as producer & “spritual advisor” these guy’s technical and songwriting abilities far outreach their young age, while still maintaining a sense of wonder about the world and a dash of charming naivete.

RIYL: White Fence, Black Angels, Pink Floyd, J.K. & Co, Kaleidoscope (U.K.)

1. Let Me Know
2. Excerpt From Simon's 1
3. Evergreen Tangerine
4. Back To Those Days
5. Can't Keep My Eye's Open
6. Easy Living
7. Do You Ever Think Of Me?
8. Excerpt From Simon's 2
9. Getting Older
10. Come Again?
11. Wisdom
12. He's Mirrored
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Back To Those Days
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CD $8
Self-titled LP/CD

For those of us who take our record collection maybe a little too seriously, it’s a comfort when a band just seems to get it. While there isn’t much left to be said about the current music scene in San Francisco (where The Wrong Words hail from) we like to think they have combined all of its best elements (power pop, punk and a dab of flower-psych) on this amazingly solid debut LP. Recorded by Greg Ashley of The Gris Gris and mastered by Mikey Young of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, The Wrong Words have been referred to as a “West Coast Gentleman Jesse”. While there is no denying the Californian influence, there is a midwestern blue collar pop feel as well a’la The Scruffs or more than a few tracks off of the Yellow Pills comp. This album has pop hooks galore, great lyrics and ripping guitar work.The Wrong Words take tried and true themes such as hating your day job and letting your girl down but put their own ‘catchy as hell’ spin on them. Stick it on the turntable, but be warned, it’s going to be there for a while.

“Sounding like the best moments of The Quick and maybe even a little Shoes thrown in...a vintage blast of power pop soul that's sunny with just the right dose of syrup on top.”
— Raven Sings the Blues

“You'll hear some of the touchstones (The Turtles, The Troggs) that citymates like Thee Oh Sees incorporate into their attack, but there's a crystalline melodic intuition that runs through the core...”
— Impose Magazine

RIYL: Gentleman Jesse, Jaill, XTC, Nick Lowe, Barracudas

1. Tonight, Tomorrow
2. Just The Right Place
3. Everything Is Different Now
4. Say Goodbye
5. Lie Detector
6. Wrong Again
7. Summer's Gone
8. Pay The Price
9. You Think You Lost It All
10. A Cold Wind
11. Cross The Line
12. I Admit Defeat
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Summer's Gone
LP is temporarily out of stock.
CD $8
Self-titled LP/CD

Getting their start in October of 2009, The Limiñanas are the brainchild of Lio and Marie Limiñana. Beginning as a home studio project the duo spent much time flipping through John Barry and Ennio Morricone LP's and books on Victorian era architecture, watching Noir films, and basking in the sun of southern France seeking inspiration. Their first single came by way of Chicago's venerable Hozac records, followed up by a single 7" release, “Je-ne-suis-pas-tres-drogue”, on Trouble In Mind in April 2010. It's been noted that their are traces of Serge Gainsbourg, Beck, Stereolab, Gospel, Yeh-Yeh, guitar fuzz freakouts, and Nugget's-era stompers in the Limiñanas music. All of which may be true, but Limiñanas' sound is irreverent and singular.

This LP has a cinematic feel, with it's reoccurring themes, lyrics and instrumentals taking cues from influences like Gainsbourg’s great "Histoire de Melody Nelson" LP, as well as the 1960’s soundtracks they've become enamored with. Within the groovy and melancholy tracks, further listens (and a little quick translating) expose both the biographic and the fantastic in these songs. Partly the fictional adventures of "Cold Princess" and partly a musical document of Lio and Marie’s reflections on love, loss, and new beginnings. Keeping one foot firmly planted in the sounds of the past, and one foot in the now sounds of today, The Limiñanas debut self-titled LP lives up to the promise they've made on their initial releases and then some.

1. The Darkside
2. Down Underground
3. Je ne suis pas tres drogue
4. Funeral Baby
5. Chocolate in my Milk
6. Tigre du Bengale (inst.)
7. Mountain
8. Je suis une go-go girl
9. Berceuse pour Clive
10. Tears
11. Tigre du Bengale
12. Got Nothin' to Say
No Flash
Down Underground (as heard on Gossip Girl)
LP $12
CD is no longer available.
Pointed Sticks / Muppet Babies
So you think you know the glam rock, huh? Well, L.A.'s Wounded Lion are here to school you otherwise by serving up one killer mutant Gary Glitter via Lamps sludge clap/stomp glam masterpiece on this 7-inch. The A-Side, Pointed Sticks is no ode to the Canadian power poppers of the same name, but it's sure to stick in your head for days & get those club feet a'tappin'! The B-Side is a surreal exploration of the story of Oedipus via a forgotten Saturday morning gang... THE MUPPET BABIES. We probably shouldn't say anymore other than the fact that this single is literally and figuratively two sides of one of the most creative bands going these days. The single comes housed in the Trouble In Mind factory sleeve and includes a download code.
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Pointed Sticks
(Hadita) Girl With A Diamond Tooth /
Bury My Body
Don't know what you were doing in the summer of '08 but we were listening to The Pets LP 'Misdirection' on repeat, so it's very exciting for us to release the debut single from Dan Wood of The Pets' new band "Tropical Sleep." Tropical Sleep starts where the Pets left off - the same great vocal delivery and guitar work, but coaxes out a little more finesse & lotsa extra pop! "(Hadita) Girl With A Diamond Tooth" is a stomping serenade to an orally bejewelled siren, while "Bury My Body" is a more laid-back love letter to someone close. The single comes housed in the Trouble In Mind factory sleeve and includes a download code.
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(Hadita) Girl With A Diamond Tooth
Is It You? / Telling The Truth
This follow up to their debut single on Dusty Medical picks up where that hot slab o' wax leaves off - hitting you square in the gut with two stabs of sharp pop perfection. A veritable Milwaukee "super-group' of sorts featuring Paul Kalfahs and Jon Heibler from Catholic Boys, & Natalie Clark from the Tears (and all three from the Tuff Bananas), Sticks N Stones keeps it lean & mean, slicing off riffs from 70's & 80's Power Pop (and a nick or two from classic 60's bubblegum) with rapid-fire intensity calling to mind such great Midwestern bands as Cheap Trick, Shoes, & the Kind. "Is It You" is a spastic spark of self-examination & "Telling The Truth" is a pounding plea for the listener's trust - it ain't no lie! The single comes housed in the Trouble In Mind factory sleeve and includes a download code.
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Is It You?
New England Street / Faster Than Light
We are proud to release the debut single by Chicago's own Tyler Jon Tyler. We can assure you that no other band going sounds like TJT. With a Pony that has traded his drums to play bass upside down, Tom from Daily Void's intricate drum patterns and "new comer" Rebecca's sparse guitar and thoughtful lyrics, their skeletal "less-is-more" sound brings to mind bands like The Clean, Young Marble Giants, & the Raincoats. These songs evoke a time and a place and demand your attention. (Not too mention Ian Adams' Stylophone wizardry on the B-Side.) The single comes housed in the Trouble In Mind factory sleeve and includes a download code.
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New England Street

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