Wax Museums

Wax Museums

Denton, Texas
Paul Museum Vocals
T.V.’s Daniel Guitar
Payton Green Bass
Prince Gregory Drums
Eye Times LP/CD

Wait, have the Wax Museums MATURED?!?!?! After a 3 year hiatus north TX’s lovable misfits (who share members with The Bad Sports and Mind Spiders) are back with a four-headed thirteen eyed monster of an album that while still slightly awkward, is undeniably focused and endearing.

‘Eye Times’ is a musical step forward with moments of glammy art-rockness that proves once and for all these clowns ain’t just one-joke jerks. ‘Mosquito Enormo’ swarms and stings with it’s way-out delay pedal induced chaos and ‘Bruiser’ proves the Wax Museums still just write killer punk anthems. The charming nerd-o aesthetic that was so prevalent on the early singles and first LP remain, but NOW with added sexual frustration, ‘Breakfast for Dinner’ just very well might be the Wax Museum’s “Me So Horny“… or something. The first press of this LP is on randomly-mixed vinyl & includes a download code!

RIYL: Bad Sports, Cheap Time, Icky Boyfriends, Dickies, Devo

1. Midlife Crisis
2. Socket
3. Mad Gasser
4. Mosquito Enormo
5. Between
6. Bruiser
7. Sunburn
8. Tunguska
9. Breakfast For Dinner
10. Chase Your Shadow
11. Nothing To Do (With The 60s)
12. Matter Over Mind
13. Quicksand
No Flash
Midlife Crisis
LP $12 CD $8