The Paperhead

The Paperhead

Nashville, Tennessee
Ryan Jennings Guitar/Vocals
Peter Stringer-Hye Bass/Vocals
Walker Mimms Drums
Africa Avenue LP/CD

Much has changed for the members of The Paperhead since the release of their TiM debut back in 2011 - tours both domestically & abroad, more releases, college, life, work, love, tragedy. The span of time & growth (both personally & musically) are reflected in the ten tunes on the band’s third album “Africa Avenue.”

Recorded by the band themselves in bassist Peter Stringer-Hye’s Nasville garage & mixed by Cooper Crain (Cave, Bitchin’ Bajas), “Africa Avenue” finds it’s groove in it’s unabashed melodicism & pop hooks. The title of the album is an homage to a street the band hung out on as children, and the experiences & memories created there drift in & out of lyrics that are appealingly abstract, but hint at an unspoken narrative.

The jaunty opener “Africa” sets the scene with guitarist Ryan Jennings’ acoustic strum & sly synth squiggles, before unloading a crunchy guitar hook unlike anything the band has done previously, letting listeners know that something new is happening here; a step towards a full & comfortable immersion in the sounds they love. The band makes no bones of it’s affection for Sixties & Seventies psychedelia, but “Africa Avenue” quietly tiptoes around easy comparisons, mutating itself into something more textured & intricate, leaning more towards avant-pop. The rest of the album has it’s fair share of stunners like the cosmic country of “Mother May”, the folk-raga of “In A Corner, or the harpsichord-sprinkled majesty of “Old Fashioned Kind” all fight for ear-space in an album full of highlights.

The true key to the album’s success lies in the band’s synergy that comes from playing together since they were teenagers; the “hive-mind” that enables each to anticipate & play off each other, achieving an effortless grace in their arrangements & performance. “Africa Avenue” feels more organic, sounding like the work of a cracking live band in action rather than a heady, studio construction. A breath of fresh air & without a doubt, the band’s most accomplished effort to date.

The vinyl edition of “Africa Avenue” comes black vinyl & includes a download code (also available on compact disc & digitally).

RIYL: White Fence, Tame Impala, Amen Dunes, Ariel Pink, Quilt, Kinks, Soft Machine

1. Africa
2. Eye For Eye
3. Old Fashioned Kind
4. None Other Than
5. House
6. Nasty Girl
7. New Trend
8. In A Corner
9. Mother May
10. Frustration
2. Can’t You See?
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Pictures Of Her Demise 7-inch

Not quite all grown up yet, Nashville wunderkinds The Paperhead return to Trouble In Mind with a single that shows that these boys are maturing musically by the hour. Not only have Ryan, Peter & Walker absolutely mastered their 8-track recording skills, with the A-Side, "Pictures Of Her Demise" they’ve honed in on a thrilling synthesis of their influences. From Pink Floyd to The (Dutch) Outsiders, or Q65 and The Golden Dawn, they’ve added a dash more dandy flair a’la Rainbow Ffolly or Jason Crest. "She Is Above Me" taps into some prime "moustache-era" Beatles, resting comfortably in a Strawberry Field while a lysergic carousel whirls around & drops tab after tab of "Blue Sunshine" on your tongue. All hyperbole aside, the arrangements are more intricate and these lads are continuing to be at the head of the class when it comes to the idea that psychedelic music isn’t always about indulgence - there is a simplicity and beauty in the careful construction of a song. The first edition of 500 copies is pressed on randomly mixed vinyl, includes a download code, & comes housed in a glossy, U.K. vintage-style pocket picture sleeve!

RIYL: Thee Oh Sees, The Beatles, White Fence, The Move, The Outsiders

1. Pictures Of Her Demise
2. She Is Above Me
No Flash
Pictures Of Her Demise
Focus In On... The Looking Glass 
(limited LP reissue)

Trouble In Mind - er, we mean TIM Records is proud to present this limited vinyl reissue of psych-wunderkinds The Paperhead's debut cassette! Before they dosed the world with their vinyl debut earlier this year, these three teenage journeymen were known as The Looking Glass, & honed their chops playing extended jam-sessions at house parties & shows in their hometown Nashville scene. Originally released as a limited cassette by Infinity Cat, this recording is a "further-out" trip - a bit more experimental & free than their s/t debut, but no-less engaging. Psych-pop nuggets are peppered in between & on top of extended sonic explorations, creating their own musical vision filtered through the prism of greats like Pink Floyd, Blossom Toes & The Soft Machine. This "bootleg" edition is a one-time pressing of 500 copies on mixed vinyl, hand-numbered & is brought to you by TIM Records (a division of Trouble In Mind Records, LLC).

RIYL: Soft Machine, Pink Floyd, Dungen, Parson Sound

1. Rounding Out
2. Yellow Book
3. Dear Mr. Vacant
4. Symon’s Monthly Meterological Magazine
5. Carousal
6. In A Living Swing
7. Haze
8. Railroad Crossing
9. Evergreen Tangerine (ver.)
10. The Coyote
11. Greeting Hare
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Self-titled LP/CD

Upon your first listen to this record you may think that you’ve stumbled onto some lost nugget from 1968. The Paperhead take their name from a lyric in July’s golden-age psychedelic single “My Clown” and while the record may have a vintage sound, it’s mind boggling to learn that it was written and recorded in the summer of 2010 by three 18 year old kids from Nashville, Tennessee. Neo-psych fans may hear a more ambitious ‘White Fence’ or a poppier ‘Spacemen 3’ while more classic minded listeners may recall ‘The Pretty Things’, their namesake ‘July’ or post-LSD ‘Beatles’.

Before they all went their separate ways to start college Ryan Jennings and his closest childhood friends Walker Mimms and Peter Stringer-Hye holed up to record an album that combines all the orchestrated pop layers, eastern influence and groovy instrumentals of a classic British Psych record. With Cheap Time’s Jeffrey Novak as producer & “spritual advisor” these guy’s technical and songwriting abilities far outreach their young age, while still maintaining a sense of wonder about the world and a dash of charming naivete.

RIYL: White Fence, Black Angels, Pink Floyd, J.K. & Co, Kaleidoscope (U.K.)

1. Let Me Know
2. Excerpt From Simon's 1
3. Evergreen Tangerine
4. Back To Those Days
5. Can't Keep My Eye's Open
6. Easy Living
7. Do You Ever Think Of Me?
8. Excerpt From Simon's 2
9. Getting Older
10. Come Again?
11. Wisdom
12. He's Mirrored
No Flash
Back To Those Days
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