The Limiñanas

The Limiñanas

Perpignan, France
Getting their start in October of 2009, The Limiñanas are the brainchild of Lio and Marie Limiñana. Beginning as a home studio project the duo spent much time flipping through John Barry and Ennio Morricone LP's and books on Victorian era architecture, watching Noir films, and basking in the sun of southern France seeking inspiration. Their first single came by way of Chicago's venerable Hozac records, followed up by a single 7" release, “Je-ne-suis-pas-tres-drogue”, on Trouble In Mind in April 2010. It's been noted that their are traces of Serge Gainsbourg, Beck, Stereolab, Gospel, Yeh-Yeh, guitar fuzz freakouts, and Nugget's-era stompers in the Limiñanas music. All of which may be true, but Limiñanas' sound is irreverent and singular.
Lio Limiñana
Mari Limiñana
Mu & Nadge Guest Vocals
Costa Blanca LP/CD

The Limiñanas are back on Trouble In Mind with their third album, “Costa Blanca”! Once again recorded at their home in the south of France by Lio himself, “Costa Blanca” pushes the envelope of their signature Franc-o-phonic sound; the coloeur café cool of Gainsbourg, the hypnotic drone of VU-era Cale, and the spiky fuzz of Davie Allan. This time around the band laces the tunes with a dramatic flair of French New Wave soundtracks & the percussive sonic accents found in Morricone’s work in Il Gruppo, particularly “The Feed-Back” whose funk-laced tracks incorprate elements of avant-classical and experimental sonic elements.

Fans of the band will no doubt hear familiar passages; melodic themes that appear & disappear not only over the course of this album, but that also reference The Limiñanas’ entire oeuvre - melodic “jump-cuts” that are sonic echoes of previous tunes & future melodies. Thematically, “Costa Blanca” is an insular record, with subjects that reference Lio’s youth growing up in Spain in the 1970’s near the Mediterranean Sea & lyrics which are nostalgic odes to the music, films, girls, books & cars that shaped his world. The first edition of “Costa Blanca” is pressed on 150gm mixed vinyl, includes a printed inner sleeve, & a download code.

RIYL: Sérge Gainsbourg, Velvet Underground, Kim Fowley, Ennio Morricone, Stereolab, Stereo Total

1. Je me souviens comme si j'y étais
2. My black Sabbath
3. Alicante
4. Votre coté yéyé m'emmerde
5. Cold Was The Ground
6. i miei occhi sono i tuoi occhi
7. La Mercedes de couleur gris métallisé
8. Rosas
9. Barrio Chino
10. BB
11. La mélancolie
12. La Mediterranée
13. Liverpool (Album version feat. MU)
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My black Sabbath
LP $12 CD $8
La fille de la ligne 15 / Mobylette
The Limiñanas return to TiM & exhale two long drags of their patented dead-cool, Franc-o-phonic grooves. By now Lio & Marie Limiñana should need no introduction to TiM fans - we've released their debut album & two singles to date & this platter comes hot on the heels of their 2nd album 'Crystal Anis'. Many have compared them to the almighty Gainsbourg, the Velvet Underground, or modern acts like Stereo Total or Stereolab, but we think The Limiñanas are forging a sound all their own, rooted in the rich French "chanson" tradition, but built on the framework of the modern-day! First pressing of 500 copies comes housed in a new "stars 'n' stripes" version of the TiM factory sleeve, is pressed on randomly mixed vinyl & includes a download code!
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La fille de la ligne 15
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Self-titled LP/CD
This LP has a cinematic feel, with it's reoccurring themes, lyrics and instrumentals taking cues from influences like Gainsbourg’s great "Histoire de Melody Nelson" LP, as well as the 1960’s soundtracks they've become enamored with. Within the groovy and melancholy tracks, further listens (and a little quick translating) expose both the biographic and the fantastic in these songs. Partly the fictional adventures of "Cold Princess" and partly a musical document of Lio and Marie’s reflections on love, loss, and new beginnings. Keeping one foot firmly planted in the sounds of the past, and one foot in the now sounds of today, The Limiñanas debut self-titled LP lives up to the promise they've made on their initial releases and then some.
1. The Darkside
2. Down Underground
3. Je ne suis pas tres drogue
4. Funeral Baby
5. Chocolate in my Milk
6. Tigre du Bengale (inst.)
7. Mountain
8. Je suis une go-go girl
9. Berceuse pour Clive
10. Tears
11. Tigre du Bengale
12. Got Nothin' to Say
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Down Underground (as heard on Gossip Girl)
LP $12
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Je ne suis pas tres drogue /
Berceuse pour Clive
This was The Limiñanas debut for the label. Released in total pressing of 700 copies (500 colored vinyl & 200 black), this single sold out quickly! Both songs appear on the group’s debut LP/CD currently available from us here at Trouble In Mind.
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Je ne suis pas tres drogue
This title is no longer available.