Estrogen Highs

Estrogen Highs

New Haven, Connecticut
Stefan Christensen Guitar/Synth/Vocals/Percussion
Mark Scialabba Guitar/Bass
Wes Nelson Bass/Guitar/Vocals
Ross Menze Drums
Hear Me On The Number Station LP

It ’s been a full two years since the Estrogen Highs have graced our turntables, but after a brief hiatus the boys are back & with a healthy batch of eighteen songs that comprise their fourth full-length “Hear Me On The Number Station”. The teeth-rattling scree of 2012’s “Irrelevant Future” is (mostly) dialed back to a pensive hum, without sacrificing any of the lyrical bite, and sits comfortably alongside an exploratory pop drive, embracing the dichotomy between noise & quietude with confidence & ease.

Vocalist/guitarist Stefan Christiansen’s laconic delivery is the lynchpin to many of the album’s eighteen tunes, with lyrics that sway between the abstract & the intimately specific. The New Haven, Connecticuit band has always had one foot in the musical waters of New Zealand, & the influence of their Kiwi-pop forefathers, but this time out the band incorporates the more avant textures of the Xpressway discography rather than Flying Nun. The delicate piano mantra “Ungrateful” & pensive guitar strummers like “Sideways Through Trees”, “Forever Designing My Stationary ” & “Poverty of Human Words” are jammed next to lean punk rippers like “The Russian” & “This Harsh Country ” & budget anthems “Hospital Cloud” & “For This Structure”, all of which give “Hear Me On The Number Station” the feel of an amazingly curated mixtape of unknown DIY pop.

Recorded & mixed by the band themselves in varying degrees of fidelity, “Hear Me On The Number Station” was mastered by Australian audio guru Mikey Young, comes housed in a black & white jacket & inner sleeve w/lyrics. The first edition of “Hear Me On The Number Station” is pressed on randomly mixed vinyl & includes a download code.

1. Argyle Enthusiast
2. For This Structure
3. Sideways Through Trees
4. Flashing Fireworks
5. Guilt Partition
6. The Russian
7. Sports Gaze
8. Privilege
9. Ungrateful
10. Lear
11. This Harsh Country
12. Sound Tigers
13. Newtown Teen Center
14. Underemployed
15. Hospital Cloud
16. Forever Designing My Stationary
17. Human Flings
18. Poverty of Human Words
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Argyle Enthusiast
LP $12
Irrelevant Future LP/CD

The anxiously awaited follow up to the Estrogen Highs excellent self-released 2011 album "Friends and Relatives" is finally here and let us be the first to say that if you aren’t already a fan of these guys, you are about to become one. After two LP's, one 12" EP, four 7-inches, and one cassette, the project that started as Stefan Christensen in 2007 playing and recording everything by himself has now fully jelled into a rock-solid, full-band quartet. "Irrelevant Future" synthesizes all of the bands best attributes into one hit packed, perfectly paced LP. It expounds on the the wiry (and Wire-y) DIY whiffs from previous releases, emphasizes the thinking mans punk of the Minutemen and all the while an under-current of Kiwi-jangle ebbs and flows. With all of this in mind Estrogen Highs thankfully don’t sacrifice the off-kilter weirdness that already established fans know and love. Songs like "Alchemy Contest" and "Status Quo (Oh No)" have a quirky melodic sensibility that plays off intricate guitar and bass lines. "Grass of Leaves" holds down the chugga-chugga punk angle while "They Told Me I Was Everything" meditates on Shakesperean betrayal - and just when you think you’ve got a handle on the record’s direction they hammer you with "Seventh Sunday of the Ordinary Times", a "ripper" if there ever was one in the band’s canon. The album’s closer "I Wanna Be Tall" is a measured leap forward, focusing the band’s strength’s into the first perfect pop song of 2012 ~ guaranteed to be stuck in your head for days! The first edition LP of 500 copies comes pressed on 150gm randomly mixed vinyl & includes a download code. CD is packaged in a LP-style slip-sleeve pocket!

RIYL: Tyvek, The Clean, Desperate Bicycles, Wire, The Chills

1. Tell It To Them
2. Alchemy Contest
3. Grass Of Leaves
4. Status Quo (Oh No)
5. The World Is Flat
6. It Has To Rhyme
7. Columbus Nightwalkers
8. Temporary Spaces
9. They Told Me I Was Everything
10. The Seventh Sunday Of The Ordinary Times
11. I Saw Light
12. I Wanna Be Tall
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I Wanna Be Tall
LP $12 CD $8